3rd Quarter Slump

Yulissa Ocampo

The third quarter of school always seems the hardest part. Students will say that it’s because teachers give too much work and don’t teach it very well. Teachers, on the other hand, have a different story to tell.

Many teachers agree that the weather is a big contributor to the lack of motivation coming from students. Mrs. Russell had this to say about the third quarter, “The cold, dreary, and gray days of the 3rd quarter seem to easily reflect our moods, and thus our motivation. This period could easily be called ‘the dead zone’ … It’s not like the 1st quarter where everyone is excited about the new possibilities for being their new best selves. The 2nd quarter brings us sports to cheer on, the crisp air flowing through beautiful colors, and the cycle of our favorite holidays. The 4th quarter is the sunlight at the end of the tunnel. The 3rd quarter is just the time in-between. The time when you’re just hoping you can make it to Spring Break.”  

Other teachers think that the long winter break had a part to play in this problem. Mr. Hoopes believes that fatigue contributes to the lack of energy and excitement. He thinks that many students are still tired because of the work they had to do during the first semester, and they are still on “vacation mode from the holidays.” “Every year some students come back from Christmas break and are lazier during the 3rd quarter. I think it is because grades start over and they feel like there is so much time before the end of the year until May” said Mrs. Tierra on the topic. There is also a lot of pressure being put on both the teachers and the students. Mrs. Wilbourn says “It’s a frustrating time for teachers because we feel like our kids could do a lot better and perform better, but they are not giving all of their effort, so their grades don’t reflect who they are. A lot of time we feel like we are just spending the whole quarter chasing down missing assignments instead of teaching” She is not alone in feeling this way. Mrs. Webber believes that the work is more difficult for both teachers and students. She believes that the work may become more difficult on the students because they are still set in the ways from the first semester. She believes that it is harder on the teachers because students are not doing their work or they may have lower grades. 

There are many reasons we can name for the 3rd quarter being one of the hardest, but all we can do is try to do our best and make it to the “light at the end of the tunnel.”