Jump into Music (“Run Away” by TXT)

Nevaehona Williams

          We all have those songs that make us happy or are good for a 3 a.m cry. We all have that playlist that you can’t stop listening to or the song that’s stuck in your head. How about a song that isn’t sad or happy? You don’t really know how to feel about it. Well “Run Away” by TXT is one of those songs, and it’s in Korean. If you don’t really know Korean then “Run Away” can sound like a happy/uplifting song, but when you fully read the English lyrics, it’s more of a sad song. The meaning of “Run Away” is someone looking for someone who will be there and be with you during those hard times. You can escape reality for a while, recharge yourself, and have the strength to face reality because you know that you can do everything when you’re not alone. 

          My first favorite part in the song is “Bibbidi bobbidi the train is departing / Bibbidi bobbidi our magic island” (Do-hyeong 8-9). Everyone knows this legendary phase by the Fairy Godmother. This gives me Cinderella vibes. It gives you energy.

          Another one of my favorite parts in the song is “when we go past this tunnel / when we open our eyes / Our dreams become reality” (Do-hyeong 10-12). These lines basically say dreams don’t last forever. One day you will wake up and have to face reality, but sometimes your dreams will someday be your reality. So just wait and see. 

          My favorite part in the song is “Please be my eternity / Please call my name / Run away run away run away with me / At the world’s end / forever together” (Do-hyeong 13-17). These lines basically mean that they want someone to be there all their life. Run away with them and never look back. Because I am such a geek for romance, this song has become one of my favorites. Most people don’t listen to kpop because they don’t understand Korean or they don’t think it’s going to be good, but there is a meaning behind every language and every song. You just have to find it.