Does Music Help You Study?

Nevaehona Williams

          Studying for finals? Let classical music help - USC News 

          Hi, hello there. You may be wondering why I asked you to stop. I asked you to because this is a question that people answer yes or no to. Does music help you study? For me, that’s a yes and no. No, because I will get so distracted. I will start dancing and act like I’m auditioning for the next girl band of 2022. Yes, because I have to have complete silence or music blasted in my ears. If I’m really determined then, I can get my homework done without debuting in a girl band.

          Some people say no, like my mom. She has to have complete silence or she will not get her work done. My sisters have to have blasting music or they can’t get their work done. 

          The 9th grade Spanish teacher, Mrs. Tierra, at Chaffin Junior High says “Yes!  Music definitely helps me stay motivated when I am working on lesson plans online or doing grading.  It makes me feel more energetic, and I am not as bored as I am just sitting in front of a screen without any sound.  I really like to play my music really loud and it blocks out everything else so that I can focus.”

          The 8th grade science teacher, Mrs. Webber, at Chaffin says “I think that music has a time and place when you are studying, and that listening to music depends on the person. Some people need noise in the background in order to think, while others need complete silence.” 

          Lastly, the 9th grade AP English teacher, Mrs. Russell, said “In response to your question regarding the effectiveness of listening to music while studying,  I have found that listening to music, typically instrumental and relaxing music (or chill as I like to call it), is fundamental. The benefits range from helping me to focus on the task, reducing my stress level and, at times, has helped endurance with longer assignments. These last few years, I have strived to use music more often in my classroom. I have noticed an improvement with students staying on task.” 

          Studies have shown that music improves your mood, increased motivation, improves memory and brain stimulation, and better management of pain and fatigue according to the Healthline. So, in general, it all depends on the person and how they study.