Spotify Ruining K-pop Stan’s Lives

Nevaehona Williams

        After a month of Spotify being launched in South Korea, it has removed hundreds of popular K-pop artists and groups from its global catalog. Fans of the K-pop genre have been frustrated to find some of their favorite artists like Sistar, IU, Monsta X, and Epik High missing from Spotify music listings as of Monday. 

          Spotify made a statement saying that their deal with Kakao M had ended.  Spotify said in the statement, the BBC reported, “The fact that we have not yet reached an agreement on a new global deal is unfortunate for their artists, as well as for fans and listeners worldwide. It is our hope that this disruption will be temporary and we can resolve the situation soon.”

          Kakao M tried to maintain the contract with Spotify, but Spotify will not renew it. Kakao M tied the removal of the music to its ongoing negotiations with Spotify over a domestic music rights deal. The South Korean company wants to distribute music solely outside of the country. On social media, K-pop stans have expressed their disappointment about this event. Kakao M and Spotify are trying their hardest to figure this out and make fans happy again.