Why Ted Cruz?

Sophia Gillespie

While Texas was being snowed in and frozen, one of their senators, Ted Cruz, decided to take a trip with his wife and kids to Cancun. While he was boarding his plane and flying away, millions of Texans were without any power or heat. He was planning to stay the whole weekend until he was caught. He quickly changed his ticket and flew back to the United States the same day. No matter who you’re talking to, everyone is upset at him, which is completely understandable. Some even said that he left his dog inside his house. It’s not known if it was left alone or with someone to take care of it, but that’s not the point. Why would a senator from a big state like Texas decide that he should go with his family to Cancun instead of staying and trying to help the people? Yes, there’s not much that he could have done with the conditions that were presented, but he still could have done something he didn’t.

After coming back to Texas, he was interviewed and explained that after he boarded and he realized that he made a huge mistake. He proudly wore a Texas mask in a short sleeved button-up while others in the state were stacking up layer after layer trying to stay warm. 

No matter where you stand politically or where you live, everyone can agree that Ted Cruz had no right to leave while Texas was in the state that it was in. Instead, I think that he should have stayed and helped anywhere that he could. When you’re in charge of a large population, like a state or town, you should be there to help the people that you are in charge of instead of going and helping yourself. I think that what he did as a senator was very irresponsible and wrong. Luckily now, many people have gained power and heat and are recovering from what happened.