What is Smart Glass?

Ryan Gaytan

What is Smart Glass you may say? Well, it is a new advanced technology for glass windows that blocks light and insulates. This technology can control light, heat, and privacy in your homes. This glass has about 5 layers of electrochromic coating, which also includes two transparent conductors layers and one electrochromic layer, which is sandwiched between two layers: the ion conductor and the counter electrode.  

The way smart glass works is that it alters the amount of light beaming through transparent materials, making them appear as transparent. Smart Glass can be also called LCG (Light Control Glass). 

There is a range on how much you will pay for Smart Glass. Depending how many feet you want of it, you would most likely have to pay $130 (USD) per square feet. These will make a great purchase though, because if these get installed internally, which means to direct sunlight, the product would last 30-50 years but if you install it externally, the product would last you for about 20-30 years and wouldn’t have to be double glazed. 

This type of glass runs on 110 volts of AC power, and since it has 5 layers, it would use a small electrical charge that is mostly 3 to 5 watts per square meter. There are companies that use this type of glass for their headquarters, like Netflix. Smart Glass is mainly used to give your home some privacy, because from the outside you wouldn’t be able to see who’s inside or what’s inside.  

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this type of glass. The pros are that you would have privacy, you get a breakage sensor (detects when there’s a crack in the glass), and with modern-day houses/technology it would look nice to see this type of glass on your house. The cons of this though is that it’s very expensive depending on how much you will put on, I really don’t know how durable this glass is, so I don’t know how easily it can break, and it’s very tinted so yeah, it may look nice sometimes, but not all the time. Would you buy this type of glass to keep your privacy? Or would you just stick the ones that come with your house?