LGBTQ+ Students at Chaffin

Sophia Gillespie

There are many different types of people at Chaffin with many different personalities. There is a large amount of LGBTQ+ people. Unlike both of the high schools, Chaffin does not have a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club. There are many people in our school that, even now in 2021, do not accept LGBTQ+ for who they are.

A transgender female to male student allowed me to interview him and he said that his experience at Chaffin has been pretty good and not many things have happened. He said that there are some teachers that will call him by his preferred name, and these teachers were his favorite no matter what. He even told me about how there is one teacher in particular that no matter what he says or asks, she will not call him by his preferred name. Another thing that I asked him is if he would want to be able to use the men’s restrooms while at school. He said that it didn’t really bother him because at home he is not accepted, but if he was able to that he definitely would. He pointed out one of the bad things that have happened to him is then he was called many transphobic and homophobic names.

Even as a bisexual, I have had many things happen to me too. In 8th grade, I would get church cards slipped into my locker every day and it would be 5-10 at a time. Another thing that has happened to me is being made fun of and being called names. At the beginning of this year, when teachers asked if there was another name that I would like to be called I also said my preferred name. They all said that they would call me it but never did. Students have also made fun of me and my friends by asking us out as a joke, and then yell in our faces, “Oh wait you’re gay” and go off laughing with their friends.

Even though there are many things that Chaffin is good at regarding LGBTQ+ students, there are still many things that they could do to make the community feel more welcomed. Many people are great about being inclusive and accepting of the community, but there are still some students and even teachers that make it feel uncomfortable to express who we are.