Flags on the Patio

Sophia Gillespie

On April 7th many students had pride flags or political flags for Trump out and were wearing them around their shoulders on the patio. Mr. Marshell came over and told Ayden Graham, a student who had out a Trump flag to put it away. After that Mr. Marshell didn’t tell the students with the pride flags out to put them until they had gotten into the building. When I asked why he made the students put them up he said that school wasn’t a place that needed flags, a middle school is a place to learn. He said that without the flags everyone was calm, which he was right nothing was happening on the patio other than people talking and getting ready to go inside.

Ayden Graham was the student that had the Trump flag and he didn’t plan to take it out at school and had only brought it to show his friends. One of his friends had pulled it out and that was when it became a big problem. Ayden said he thinks that it was unfair that other students were allowed to have their flags around there shoulder, but whenever he took out he was told to put it up. He understands why he was told to put it up and wasn’t allowed to have it out. I had asked if people have said things about him because of the flag and he told me that before he had been called “racist” or “dumb” for wanting to vote for Trump if he could have.

Some of the students that had their pride flags out said that it didn’t bother them that he had a Trump flag or that they were asked to put their away after. They all said that they understood that it would be a problem if they were able to have theirs out and he could have out his.
Just like Mr. Marshell said before Chaffin isn’t a place to have those kinds of things and it is a place for learning. We don’t need to be showing who we support whenever we are here to learn.