FCA is Back! What About Other Clubs?

Zak Gaines

FCA ( Fellowship of Christian Athletes ) was sadly canceled at the beginning of the school year due to Covid-19, and today on Tuesday4/20/21,  we finally got the news that it is starting up again!

Lots of Athletes and students even teachers are really excited that FCA is coming back into schools.  Now the big question is, since FCA is coming back onto the stage, does that mean the rest of the clubs will come back?  The answer is: they will!

Chaffin will be bringing them back slowly, one at a time, but since it is close to the end of the year, FCA and other clubs won’t fully begin until next year.

If you don’t know what FCA means, FCA is Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It is a Christian-based and student-led club. The club will have guest speakers share their testimonies, develop and participate in outreach projects, hold bible studies, and have fellowship.  You do not have to be an athlete to join FCA.