Freshman Formal Clothing Advice!

Find inspiration for stores and color combinations to make as the formal approaches.

Freshman Formal Clothing Advice!

Jasmine Washington

With the formal for 9th-grade students coming up on May 15th, there’s not much time left to buy tickets. With Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday being the three days available for freshmen to buy tickets, time is crunching on the end of going to formal.

To purchase tickets for the formal it costs 25 dollars each. You also will need to bring the permission slip handed to 9th graders around ten days ago. After both of these things are handed to either Mr. Marshall or another supervisor present at the table, you’re on your way to the formal. Be sure to get tickets during your lunch period, either B lunch or A lunch.

Though the formal will be here in 21 days (not counting today), there is still enough time to find what you’ll wear to the formal. Whether this be a long or short dress, a tux, casual formal wear, shorts, a pantsuit, or a jumper, there are many stores available in Fort Smith.

Stores like Dillards, Always & Forever (near the movie theatre), Sheri’s Bridal and Formal, and Bridal Elegance are all stores available in Fort Smith, Arkansas. There are also stores available outside of Fort Smith and going from Northwest Arkansas to Oklahoma. 

Danielle’s Bridal in Clarksville, Arkansas; Violets Bridal and Formal in Springdale, Arkansas; Bride N’ Groom, which is also in Springdale; and The Royal We that is in Conway, Arkansas. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, both the stores Abelina’s Boutique and Alyssa’s Bridal and Tuxedo are available with formal wear of all different types of styles.

Whether you’re planning on going with an elegant long dress or a stylish tux, there are a plethora of online stores that could also have options for freshmen. Remember: fashion doesn’t truly have a gender, and if you believe you can pull it off, you can.

If you’re still struggling to find a color pallet to complete your formal look with, here are some options: 

Yellow and blue combined usually result in playful and authoritative, navy and teal colors can be seen as soothing or striking, black and orange are often represented as lively and powerful together, maroon and peach equal a feeling of elegance and tranquility, deep purple and blue combined can often mean serene and dependable, and navy & orange can give off the vibes of entertaining but credible.

Green and blue, red and yellow, and the primary colors also complement each other well in dresses. If you’re wanting to stand out in the formal, sea-green or a seafoam color could be the way to go. Other colors, such as bright orange (or yellow) and a neon color could make you the star of the formal. 

Remember: you only have 22 days left before the freshman formal! Don’t forget to bring both the end of your permission slip and $25 to the table in the front of the cafeteria at lunch. Celebrate the soon-to-be graduating freshmen at the end of May, and don’t forget to dance with your friends or significant other!

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