Celebrity Birthdays

Abbi Moore

April, a perfect time for birthdays! Well, at least in my opinion. The weather isn’t too sunny, with a bit more rain than usual. Just how I like it. In fact, some celebrities have birthdays coming up this week. Some include David Letterman, Shannen Doherty, Nicholas Brendon, Brendon Urie, Saoirse Ronan, and more. Below there are the names of some celebrities celebrating this week and how old they are turning: 


April 12- Saoirse Ronan- 27

                    Jennifer Morrison- 42

                   Brendon Urie- 34

                   Sehun- 27


April 13- Dylan Conrique- 17

                    Edward Fox- 84

                    Alison Williams- 33

                    Ron Perlman- 74


April 14- Loretta Lynn: 89

                    Sarah Michelle Gellar- 44

                    Abigail Breslin- 25

                    John Bell- 59

                    Skyler Samuels- 27


April 15- Emma Watson- 31

                    Blake Manning- 15

                    Aspyn Ovard- 24

                    Crawford Collins- 23


April 16- Sadie Sink- 18

                    Martin Lawrence- 55

                    Max Dressler- 18

                    Anya Taylor-Joy- 24