Teachers Leaving Chaffin

Melanie Peck

Chaffin Junior High will be changing to a middle school next school year. This means a lot of things will be different, like there will not just be one set of new students there will be two. 

The current 8th and 9th graders will be going to the high schools. Chaffin will be a 6th-8th grade school, so that means there will be new 7th graders coming and new 6th graders coming. 

There will also be new teachers at Chaffin, but there will also be some teachers leaving Chaffin. Teachers have mixed feelings about leaving. Some say that they are sad to leave and will miss the school. Others say that they are excited for a new beginning even though they will still miss Chaffin. 

Ms. Robinson said “I would have preferred to stay at Chaffin because it has been my school for twenty-four years. I love the family environment that we have here. I will miss the teachers, staff and principals. I will miss everything about Chaffin I have made my room a pleasant, comfortable environment. I love that Chaffin is only five minutes. from my house. I love the smallness of Chaffin.  Moving to Southside will be a giant adjustment. I love teaching ninth grade students. That is where I’m most comfortable. I love the literature I am able to teach. Southside is intimidating. I don’t look forward to packing up all of my classroom. I’m not even sure how that will take place. You’ve seen my room. It is full of years of mementos. I do know that I will remain true to my calling of teaching students. So, I will take a deep breath and face this new adventure with courage and sadness.” 

The teachers will miss Chaffin, but are excited.