Attendance Policies during COVID

Sophia Gillespie

There has been a policy at Chaffin Jr. High, and around the world, for many years that students can’t miss a certain amount of days, or they will get in trouble with child protective services or the court. On the Chaffin website, it says that after 4 unexcused absences, you will be assigned one day of Saturday school. After that, you will have to do another day of Saturday school, and after that, you may get a FINS petition or a court appearance.

I think that this shouldn’t be a rule because COVID, because students can’t help the days that they are gone. When students are sick they can be sick from up to 2-7 days on average, which is already a week off of school for most students. Even if you were to get better on the second day, you have to stay home for 24 hours after your fever is gone. Most teachers will still ask why you weren’t at school, and when you tell them that you were sick they still get upset. I had a teacher before asking why I didn’t finish my work, and after I told him that I was throwing up for half the day and sleeping, he still thought that my work should be done. Because of these rules, some students have to come to school even if they could still be contagious because they can’t miss any more days.

I think that instead of this, for the days that you are sick you shouldn’t get those days taken away. Students can’t help if they are sick, which is why I don’t think that these days should be taken away from us. It does mean that students could say that they are sick when they are gone, but I think that during COVID and learning online, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. With that, parents would have to call in and tell the office why their kids are gone, so I don’t think that there would be much lying about why they are gone. 

I don’t think the rule should be taken away, I just think that the rule should be changed so those sick days are not counted against you. Students can’t help when they get sick, and most students still try and do their work.