Disneyland Reopening

Ryan Gaytan

Disneyland is a happy place where kids and adults love to go and see their favorite Disney characters. The rides there are fun for kids and teens of today’s age. 

During 2020 though, COVID hit and shut everything down, and everyone had to be quarantined for at least 4 – 5 months. Disneyland has been shut down for at least a year. It just recently started to re-open, and several people are already selling tickets out. 

Disneyworld opened this year in March. They are taking COVID regulations by putting hand sanitizer stations at certain parts at the park. You do have to wear masks, but you are still risking your health by going and possibly getting COVID. However, it’s an unlikely chance you will. Yes you may be vaccinated and you feel like you don’t need to wear a mask, but you can still get COVID.

Disneyland is opening all three parts of their park. Yes, the employees are required to wear masks and wash their hands often, so you don’t have to be that scared to go. Are you going to Disneyland when it reopens?