School Dance

August 28th was a very eventful evening for all of the students at Chaffin Middle School.  That specific evening was the night of the school dance which provided entertainment for everyone. There were some very exciting performances by students and Mr. Marshell. The suspense of who would be the lucky person to win the prize drawing was a very tense feeling at the dance. We would all like to personally thank the PTA for funding this amazing event that brought entertainment to us all! We had a great DJ at the dance who kept the groove going. Huge thank you to them!


At the dance, we ran into Mr.Marshell dancing during the YMCA. It was very surprising to see him there at the dance! It shocked many students and we could not believe our eyes. Sadly, we didn’t get any photos of him dancing so some people don’t get to see the big moments. Speaking of the YMCA, it was a big part of the dance as everyone filed into the cafeteria to dance to the iconic song. Along with Mr. Marshell dancing, we got to see everyone’s amazing moves. Overall, the dance was very fun and we enjoyed the school dance and had  an amazing time at the school dance. This is the Chaffin Middle School Cougar Print team signing off, hope to see you next time!