Advice for Sixth Graders

As the upperclassmen, we have some helpful hints to ensure you are successful here at Chaffin Middle School. There are plenty of things to remember when you first start at Chaffin. Here are our top ten principles to remember at Chaffin Middle School.

1. ALWAYS check Schoology daily. Assignments are posted in Schoology when you are absent and grades will be graded later; it is essential to check daily. You do not want to miss that new test grade being posted in Schoology! It is important to email teachers when late work is done since they will not know that you finished your work unless you email them about it. They will give you a grade later but not right away since they have other work to grade. Do not continuously email them if they have not graded your late assignment yet. They will always grade it later or give you a zero for not completing on time. Some teachers do not accept late work and will not grade them.

2. It is always YOUR responsibility to finish your work. It can be a struggle sometimes when you try to turn your work on time. If you turn in your homework later, you may end up with a zero in the grade book until you turn it in and email your teacher. If you want your grade for an assignment, you will always have to turn it in on time so that you will not get points taken off and they will take some points off for late work.

3. Always have a positive attitude. Your mindset is key. Isabella Sartin, an 8th grader, states that, “The choice is up to you whether you want to have a good or bad day.” It is important to keep a clear mind and positive attitude. It is okay to stress out about things but don’t stress too much and try to relax yourself so you won’t feel tense. It is best to clear your mind before you work so you can concentrate a bit better. It is okay to feel tired when you wake up early, but make sure you listen well to the teacher during class.

4. You are always free to ask for help when you need it. The teachers here at Chaffin are here to help you. Do not be afraid to ask for help. It is okay to be nervous to ask for help but try not to stay put for too long or you would be behind with no understanding of the previous topic when you move on.

5. Make sure you do your work in class so you do not have homework. Your teachers always give you class time to finish work, unless it is meant to be homework. Make sure your work is done so you can enjoy your night at home.

6. Never quit or settle for “okay” work. Always make sure you give your work your all. Do not ever give up on an assignment, it is always worth the grade. Try to answer as many problems as you can before asking for help. If you do not try to work out the problems, that means you are not trying your best and have the teacher help you with a topic you completely do not understand if you do not listen or try. If you do not understand a certain problem or question, email your teacher right away and they will help you understand a bit better.

7. Be on time for class. You do not want to be late at Chaffin and you will get in trouble. Teachers give warnings about being late more than once and they do take note of how many times you get to class late. You may get suspended for being late more than once for a couple of days. Make sure you walk with a purpose in the hallways, and be efficient while going to your next class.

8. Take care of yourself and others. Self care is very important. It is good to make sure your mind and body are ready for the day. Remember, you only have one body. Take care of it. Make sure to get plenty of sleep and food to stay healthy.

9. Respect the teachers and classmates. As a Chaffin student, it is your responsibility to keep your hands to yourself and use respectful language when talking to your peers. Make sure you are aware of what other students feel when giving criticism and use polite communication. You can give feedback when you come up with ideas and share with others. When working in groups, you should make sure that everyone has a chance to talk and be able to work on different tasks so you all can finish the project you are working on. Treat everyone equally and follow the rules. Do not make fun of others’ ideas. This will help your group with making improvisations.

10. Be prepared for all classes. Always have your pencils, paper, and any other essential supplies on hand and charged computers. If you are not prepared, you may need to borrow some supplies in your class and you may get in trouble for not bringing the essential supplies. That is something everyone would like to avoid.

Just to recap, take care of yourself and others, ask teachers for help if you need it, always check Schoology, it is your responsibility to finish your work, make sure you do your work in class so you do not have homework, never quit or settle for “okay” work, respect the teachers and classmates, have a good attitude about going to school, and be prepared for all classes.

You have to understand how important these rules can be at Chaffin. Since it is a middle school, you have more responsibilities and rules you have to follow. Middle school is different from elementary school and you have less time to have fun during middle school. 

Although you can still have fun during middle school, it is important to use your time wisely and also finish your work. Before you enter college or high school, try to have as much as fun as possible since you will have a lot more homework and will not have any free time to spare. These rules all lead to success at Chaffin and you will pass through middle school with these simple rules.