Moving to the Middle

Fifty-Four years ago from today Chaffin was opening its doors as a Junior High. This year we are transitioning into a Middle School with many more students. There are numerous of ups and downs, but luckily we still have the same Chaffin spirit!

Schoology is brand new for some sixth and seventh graders because it is a whole different platform. It will take some time for students who have not used Schoology before to figure it all out. However, we believe that Schoology is very easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Not only is this a hard transition for sixth and seventh graders, but it is also a hard transition for some of the teachers. We all understand that going from fifth-grade to middle school is overwhelming. You do not need to be afraid to ask any staff or students here at Chaffin if you feel like you need to talk about something or just need something in general. Chaffin becoming a middle school focuses on our mental well being and academics while a junior high focuses more on academics.

Something new to Chaffin is advisory. We get to learn how to use computers, and have a place to vent out our problems and feelings. Advisory also helps us to keep our grades up and keep our work organized. We also have new agendas to help keep all of what you need to get done organized, so when you forget what you need to do, you can look at your agenda. All in all, moving to the middle was a great decision!