Cougar Spotlight

Ava Russell is a Chaffin student and not only that, but she is also a Chaffin Charmer and an actor. She loves acting, singing, listening to music, dancing, playing the ukulele, being a Charmer, and skateboarding. She loves doing these things during and after school! Some of her top priorities are to get good grades in school and always try her best at everything she does. 

These are some of the students who know Ava Russell personally that we interviewed!

“She’s an admiral student and she puts in a lot of effort into everything she does and tries to do.” – Addisyn Whittaker

“She is sweet and a hard-working person and student.” – McKenzie Scoggins

“She is like an angel singing in the choir.” – Sophia Guevara

“She’s pretty cool and we used to read Harry Potter books together.” – Lucas Campbell


Ethan Dunn is a football player here in Chaffin Middle School, and he is the running back on the team. They call him “Captain America” because he has a six-pack and is very muscular. Some of the team members said, and I quote, “he isn’t a boy, he’s a man”. Some things he does after school are attending football practice, watching TV, or going to the gym. Ethan likes to hang out with his friends, play video games, and play football. Some of his priorities are his grades, family, football, and watering his plants.

These are some of the thoughts and opinions about Ethan Dunn from some students that know him!

“He is a good student, but still likes getting things done easily. He’s a nice person too.” – Robin Wells

“He’s quiet and very academically successful but can be playful at times.” – Chloe Smith

“He’s pretty cool.” – Lukas Campbell


These are the chosen Cougar Spotlight students, but don’t be discouraged because you might be next! 

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by: Addisyn Whittaker, Alexandra Rivera, Connor Austin, Robin Wells