In the News: Hurricane Ida

In the past week a hurricane has struck southern Louisiana. The government has tried their best to help out as much as they can. Approximately fifteen people have been helped off the roof of their houses. Most of the area of New Orleans has been left with no power which makes conditions very difficult for the people there because cell phone services do not work. We also do not know where the people are and who need help.

Because of Hurricane Ida, resources like groceries, water, and gas are scarce. With gas running out in cities like New Orleans, and other impacted areas, gas prices could rise around the nation. As of September 3, 2021, sixty-six people have died during Hurricane Ida. The hurricane has caused more than 50 billion dollars in damages. The northeastern portion of the nation suffered severe flooding as the subway services were closed until 3am due to the flash flooding. In Alabama, two electrical workers died in Alger while repairing damage done to a power grid while multiple tornadoes touched down. It will take approximately four weeks to restore power to New Orleans, while Massachusetts sent an eighty man task force to Baton Rouge to help with recovery efforts. The hurricane has now traveled to the upper states like Virginia New York, New Jersey and many other states. At this moment, it is threatening Tennessee. People that live in Tennessee will have to evacuate soon only if they would like to.

UPDATE: The hurricane has ended its deadly streak of destruction while maxing out at Category 4.