Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair

Malea Seubold

As Wednesday, September 22nd marks the start of fall, it also marks the beginning of something else: Fair Season. On Friday, September 24th, it is the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair’s big opening day! If you are like me, fairs are your favorite event of the fall. They are the perfect activity to pair with cool weather, grey skies, and a light breeze. If you’re thinking about attending the fair this year, keep reading this article for some important information.

This year, the fair is going to be located at Kay Rodgers Park by the river. To get in, though, you will need to pay an admission fee. Regular gate admission is $8 for adults, and $5 for youth (ages 4-11.) However, there are some ticket specials available on certain days. This Friday on opening day, unlimited ride armbands are $22. Unlimited ride armbands are only available on certain days, so make sure to check and get them when you can. There is also a family fun pack, which is an online exclusive deal, for $69. The pack includes 60 ride tickets, 4 gate admissions, and $20 worth of food vouchers. Whichever way you choose to get into the fair, you are sure to have a great time. 

Once you get in, there are a variety of different activities you can do at the fair. For example, one of the most popular events that the A-O State Fair offers is Hot Dog Pig and Dachshund Races. There are even multiple different teams of hot-dog-racers you can see, including Hollywood Hog All-Stars, Royal Pigs of Hamelot, and the Super Hot Dog Team. On top of seeing these adorable animals race each other, there’s also Chachi Valencia, known as “The Rocketman.” If you’re interested in seeing a grown man being shot out of a cannonball, this is just the event for you. Chachi is a real showstopper; he was even the 2012 Olympics’ finishing bang in the closing ceremony! Of course, the most important part of the fair, the rides will be there. Many favorite rides such as The Cowboy, Pharaoh’s Fury, The Speed, Moby Dick, and many more will be available for people to ride on. There’s also bumper cars, house of mirrors, Rio Grande Train, a Merry-Go-Round, and something very scary known as the Super Shot. The Super Shot is a drop tower with a huge height of 90 feet! It uses earth magnets for its brakes, so don’t worry about crashing or getting hurt. 

After the rides, you are sure to be hungry. Health concerns are gone with the wind at the fair. Here, it is time to let loose and eat anything and everything you can imagine! There are all kinds of foods you can eat like pizza, burgers, and corn dogs. However, there are more fun options to eat like caramel and candy apples, pickles, sno-cones, and cotton candy. For me personally, my absolute favorite fair-food is funnel cake. It doesn’t matter which food you start or end with, but be sure to try all of the great food that’s at the fair! At the same time, you’ll also be supporting some smaller businesses while eating their delicious food. Stomachaches don’t matter, but the experience and impact does.

Although you might not crash while on the rides, you’ll probably crash in your bed at home after all the fun you had at the fair! This year’s fair is one you will not want to miss. Go with friends, family, or anyone else you want to. No matter who you go with, though, there is guaranteed fun to be had. Try all the rides, all the foods, and most importantly, give yourself a break from school and everyday life.