Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Carlson

James Sparks

Hello, fellow readers. Today’s report features a teacher who deserves more credit than she has received. That teacher is Mrs. Carlson! Mrs. Carlson teaches 7th grade Career Connections in room 101 and is an amazing teacher! We decided to ask her a few questions about herself and her opinions of Chaffin.

Question 1: How long have you been working at Chaffin? 

Answer 1: “I have been working at Chaffin for 27 years and I’m surprised when I say that. Those years went by so fast. It’s a job where I’ve always looked forward to coming to work. I have been very blessed in that regard.”

Question 2: Why did you specifically choose 7th grade to teach?

Answer 2:  “I started at Chaffin teaching 8th graders on Apple computers with big floppy disks.  Then added 9th graders with PCs with diskettes! Then added 7th graders with networked computers. And then somewhere I started teaching just 7th graders. But I prefer 7th and 8th graders. That is where my passion lies. I always say part of me got stuck in 7th or 8th grade because those are the kids I love being around the most.”

Question 3: How long are you going to continue to teach?

Answer 3: “I don’t know how long I’ll continue to teach. Being around students at Chaffin is a great feeling. Yes, some days are pretty tough, but overall I love being at Chaffin. I very much enjoy my students, they keep me young and laughing. And the camaraderie among Chaffin teachers is something I couldn’t find anywhere else. I have a job I love and the people I work with are great. Couldn’t ask for anything more!”

Question 4: Do you love your job?

 Answer 4: “Yes! I don’t HAVE to go to Chaffin, I GET to go to Chaffin!

             I don’t HAVE to work with Chaffin students, I GET to work with Chaffin students!

             I don’t HAVE to work with Chaffin teachers, I GET to work with Chaffin teachers!”

Question 5: In your opinion, what was the best year for you as a teacher?

Answer 5: “Hmm. Not possible to answer. Every semester of every year brings challenges and happy times. Every year has been an adventure that I wouldn’t trade.”

Question 6: Do you like the other teachers and the Chaffin staff in general?

Answer 6: “Yes, an incredible group of professional men and women trying to make a difference to students!”

In conclusion, Mrs. Carlson is a great teacher with a true passion and love for Chaffin and everyone in it. We truly cherish her being here. She truly makes this school a better place! This is the Cougar Print Staff signing off, we will talk to you next time!