Mean Girls 2

Riley Luther

¨Mean girls.¨ is a 2004 teen drama, based around the actor, Lindsay Lohan. It is your typical 2000´s chick flick. Nothing less, nothing more. Yet it has gained lots of popularity throughout the years. Recently, in 2011, there was a sequel to the classic teen drama. ¨Mean Girls 2¨. This movie features some well known actors such as Meaghan Martin, Jenifer Stone, and Maiara Walsh. And while it is closely related to the original film in 2004, it is nothing alike. It has left viewers pondering another controversial thought. Is it as good as the original? So here today we will unpack that question

The acting. Maiara Walsh played the head of the ¨Plastics¨. Though she had the snobby ¨mean girl¨ act, she played it in sort of a different way. She almost played the role in a ¨cute¨ and not as sharp and mean way. The execution could have been better. The lead protagonist, Meaghan Martin, was a let down to many fans. Her execution of the character was, indeed, snotty, but even at times where the character was trying to come off ¨friendly¨ and approachable, she still had a snotty way of holding herself.  To conclude the main characters acting, Jenifer Stone did decently in this role. Her character was quite likable, frankly she should have been casted as the lead. Overall the acting in this movie was not spectacular, but it was not bad enough to objectively hurt the movie’s quality as a whole.

The revenge factor of this movie overall? Since the movie is an early 2000´s teen drama, is it really complete with that stereotypical “getting back at my bully“scene? There are a lot of pranks played on the snobby girls. Consisting of vomit, dying her face green, and more. Yet these characters just do not seem properly humiliated by any of these pranks. Your face is dyed green and it is just a minor inconvenience to you? It just never seems realistic. The girls are never properly humiliated yet we are told the pranks are a “success“. When it comes to getting vomited on, would you not think the people watching would have pointed and screeched ew? Not just laughing. If you are going to pay a bunch of teens to play background characters at LEAST make them earn it. 

Humor wise, it was disappointing. Very disappointing. The humor in this movie is not hilarious, while it is enough to make you smile a tench. Potentially the comedy may have been funny on paper, but the execution was poor. It just had a lot of over exaggerated ¨cuteness¨. It just feels too fake like it could never happen in a real setting. Yet the original shares this problem as well. It is just hard to buy into the notion that three teenage girls could have the whole student body absolutely terrified. If that was the case, why were the girls just portrayed as snobs. Why did they make the mean girls out to be more feared than the Nazi Party in 1938 Germany? It does not add up. It makes the movie just feel plain corny.

All in all there were good ideas and potential with this movie. There was poor choice in humor, bad acting, and revenge was not executed well. Other than that it is a good movie, and maybe worth a watch. Yet I would highly recommend the original. It did not live up to its original counterpart at all though. It was not awful but it was not great. It was just poor execution but it has nothing to do with the director of the movie. She did a great job with many other movies, this just was not her best work. So to answer the question, is it a good movie? Well that would have to be up to the viewer. It can be viewed as a corny teen drama, or a miss potential on the franchise ¨Mean Girls¨. Give it a watch and make your stand.