Jolie Nguyen

Technology has evolved over the years. It went from telephones, to phones, to computers. Technology is the greatest thing we had of the modern age. 

It is scientific knowledge for practical purposes and machinery developed from the application of scientific knowledge.Vehicles also use technology as well. We human beings depend on technology for almost everything we do since it is essential for our future. 

For example, students use calculators for math. Instead of doing mental math in their brains, obviously they would depend on calculators instead. Who has the time to take their time to calculate problems in their head? The calculator does it all for you. Although there will be times where you will have to use your brain, calculators are faster to do. 

If you were given a math problem, no doubt that you will reach your calculator in your bag or your phone to do the calculations. In elementary school, I usually used my brain to do math because they were simple addition or subtraction problems. When I learned the times table and division, I started to get lazy since it was harder than your normal addition and subtraction problems. 

When I reached middle school, I started to depend on the calculator for every problem I did, but exceptions for some problems if I was not allowed to use the calculator. 

Technology allows us to communicate with others and also help us improve ourselves. I think that we all depend on technology to solve our problems. But the question is, what happens if technology was wiped out completely at this exact time? Everything would go down the hill and everyone would start panicking. Why is that? Well, I think that we are too dependent on technology and we wouldn’t be able to think properly if we didn’t have computers and other robot booted objects. 

A lot of companies use everything they have to promote their items. When it comes to problems, they depend on technology. There are multiple steps to creating an item and selling it. They use ads and posters to promote their items. They would do anything to promote their items and make off profit out of it.  There are times when workers would mess up and their boss would yell at them for messing up. This is probably because the boss wants the profit for himself/herself or just really want this sell to be a success. 

Speaking of items, they use a lot of time, working on their design for their item and how it functions. This is where they combine technology and their knowledge. There are designing programs on computers and they use that to make their designs there and share their designs with each other and how it works. I think that they would test their designs first before publishing their work and selling it. There are times where they run into problems when creating their physical design. 

Technology can also be used to protect financial data and information to their advantages. It helps with labor costs and it can help boost your motivation.

The physical world is dependent on technology. For example, doctors would sometimes use robots for routinely surgeries in hospitals. 

A side effect to this is if doctors keep depending on robots for surgeries, in real life situations, they may lose their sense when they start operating on patients.

Although technology is useful for the physical world, a lot of people still debate about technology. If people with jobs use technology too much instead of working themselves, they would probably have no use of working anymore. If people do not work on their own and depend on technology, they might lose their skills of working at their current job. 

We have phones now. People get addicted to their phones, even me myself. I think that people prefer to isolate themselves from others when they get too addicted to their phones. 

When I got my first phone, I wasn’t addicted as much and I liked meeting other people. As I slowly get more addicted to it, I slowly isolate myself from others. 

This experience can also happen to others and get anxious about meeting real people.

I think that technology is being too depended on and our brains will slowly get weaker and slower. As we try to process information, the only thing that comes in mind is nothing. That’s why we reach out to the internet to search for our answers. 

Although it helped evolve our world, it makes us weaker than we actually think. I don’t think that anyone would even want to solve problems on paper in math. Well, except when you are required to show your work on paper in math. Other than that, who has the time to do all of the work on paper? We can just search up the answers on the internet and just copy the work from there. 

In conclusion, I think that we are too dependent on technology to solve every little problem that we have, not thinking about our emotions about this one bit.