Star Wars Visions

Robin Wells and Connor Austin

Star Wars visions take star wars to a new level. Japanese artists. There are 9 episodes, but there’s a catch, each episode is a different story and different art style. There is also an anime style too. The director, Kanako Shirasaki took the show and made it into a new show.

9 episodes

Each episode is 15-20 minutes or so

Includes characters from the movies

Warning, Major spoiler

Out of nine episodes we “Chose” To do three episodes so the viewers, half a chance to not spoil it for themselves. To summarize, the three episodes were all different stories and with different art styles. The first episode’s style was an old Manga style. The second episode had a more Chibi style, and the third had a Futuristic art style. The three listed companies are listed down below.

The companies:

Kamikaze Douga-ep1

Studio Colorido-ep2



Episode 1

The duel

The art style is based off of some old japanese 50s-60s movie, but it also has a manga like art too. A man goes to a village ruled by the emperor’s will and enslaved by a Sith. A child rules the village because his father is sick, but the main character doesn’t do anything yet. The man goes to a shop to get some tea but the droid is shot and destroyed, so the main character tells the shopkeeper to repair the bot before the tea boils. Then a riot starts and tries to defend the village from the henchmen, although a Sith destroys the people who are the rioters. Though the Sith doesn’t have a normal light saber, she has an Umbrella Like lightsaber. Nine lightsabers attach, and fold out to spin, and she spins it like a shield. The man battles the sith and he was once a bad guy too. They both battle, and he wins eventually. He kills her by slicing the light saber across her back. In the end he gives the villagers a red kyber crystal for a lightsaber.


Episode 2

Tatooine Rhapsody

The art style is based off of some old singing or a chibi art style. A kid who was a former padawan becomes a main singer for a band that contains a Slug, a Robot, and three bodied creatures. They were playing a song, until Bobafett, had a bounty on the Slug, because of Jabba the Hut. Long story short the band convinced Jaba the hut to play a song and that’s how the episode ended.


Episode 3 

The Twins

The episode started out with two leaders of a duel star destroyer. The twins needed a kyber crystal to power the cannon in the middle although, the brother, Karre didn’t believe in his twin sister Am. He took the cyber cristal from Am and they fought, causing the destruction of the duel star destroyer. They both broke the crystal in half, and Karre split the star destroyer, in half with a giant lightsaber. The episode ended with him and his droid in a desert sitting in the sunset.