TikTok v. Snapchat

and Jaquelinne Santos Salazar

TikTok and Snapchat have grown a lot over the past few years. Adults are starting to use both of those apps a little more. But they don’t use it that much because they don’t really know how to use these two apps. Teenagers use both of these most of their time. Some people just lay in bed and scroll through tiktok for hours and not get bored. This has made good outcomes and bad ones. This is bad for people because they are using their phones more now that there is social media. This is bad because instead of doing some activities outside or interacting with people they have their faces on their phones. Snapchat has grown a lot through the past years too. But not as much as TikTok. Snapchat allows you to send videos and pictures. But on TikTok you can not do that. You can only record videos and post things that you think are good enough to post.Snapchat is used 210 million times a month. As of TikTok it is used 800 million times per month. So therefore people like TikTok more than snapchat because it is way more entertaining.