Football Spotlight: Ethan Weindel

Scarlett Moon

This month I interviewed Ethan Weindel.  Ethan plays lineman and offense on our eighth grade football team.  

He says he thinks that the season has gone pretty good and that we are going to finish it good, even though we have had some losses.  

“How do you think playing football has affected your everyday life?”, I asked.  “It makes me want to do more in life and push myself more.”

Ethan makes his life about two things, football and french horn.  He loves to play football and wants to be in the NFL one day.  But life outside of football, he loves to play the french horn for our eighth grade band.

Even though Ethan wants to be in the NFL one day, he says if he doesn’t make it that far then he wants to either be a marine biologist or a sheriff.  “It’s where life just ends up and where it takes me.”