Old: A Movie Review

Alexandra Rivera

This movie is about a family that goes to an island to have a nice peaceful and relaxing vacation. In the beginning they arrive at their hotel with lots of warm welcomes and drinks as if they had been waiting for them. While there at the hotel they are recommended to go to a very pretty and secluded beach which is only recommended to certain guests. They go to the beach their second day there and once there they set their things up and start enjoying the beach. After some time more people started arriving at the beach and that was when they discovered a body floating in the water. They took the body out of the water and found out that she was dead and that was when the problems began. A while later the families figured out that the beach was making them older, they were aging years within hours! Their bodies were growing, they started eating more, and they were growing out of their clothes, the dead body they found had already decayed, and if you got cut your wounds healed very quickly. Later in the movie only one family was alive, but later the parents also died and the children (that were now grownups) figured out they were being recorded because of a light coming from the mountains. After they found out, the boy went back into their bags they had when they first arrived and got a piece of paper his friend had given him when they had arrived at the hotel because they were about to die anyway. The words on the paper were coded and when he decoded it the paper said, “my uncle doesn’t like the coral”. At that moment he realized that there was a coral and he and his sister swam to the coral. When they crossed the coral they were safe, they went back to the hotel and warned everyone and told them what had happened to them, the people that ran the hotel were arrested, and they went and lived with their aunt.