Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Owen

James Sparks

Hello fellow readers, today we are going to shed light on a great 8th grade English teacher. The teacher, in particular, is Mrs. Owen. Mrs. Owen’s room number is 115, and she is known for always keeping her students engaged in the lesson she teaches. Now let us get into the interview!

How do you feel about your current 8th-grade classes? 

Answer: “My classes are enjoyable, and it’s been exciting developing relationships with my students.”

What do you feel about the use of advisory this year?

“Advisory has been a great opportunity for me to get to know students outside of my English classes. It also gives students a chance to have a low-stress environment where they can recharge.”

If you could change anything about any of your current classes, what would it be and why?

“I would want all of my students to do their best and learn to their fullest potential so they can succeed.”

How long do you wish to continue teaching?

“I still love my job, and I will continue for several more years.”

Why did you want to start teaching in the first place, and how has teaching impacted you and your life outside of school?

“I saw the impact my teachers had on me, and I wanted to have that same impact on my students. The relationships that I have developed with my students continue to give me great joy each time I connect with a former student.  “

Mrs. Owen has shared her views on the questions asked today. I would like to personally thank Ms. Owen for answering my questions with such great thought! That’s all for now fellow readers, until next time!