Chaffin v. Ramsey

Malea Seubold

As you may know, Ramsey and Chaffin are big rivals in the district. Earlier this football season, the Chaffin and Ramsey 8th grade teams played at Southside. Unfortunately, it was a very close loss, and the Chaffin players did not get the result they wanted. Luckily, in a few weeks, Chaffin and Ramsey will face off on the field again for the Cougars’ last game of the season. It is sure to be a hyped-up game at the Southside field. We hope to see as many Chaffin students in the stands as possible!

Looking back, the first rivalry game was arguably the most exciting one of the season. Many students from both schools attended and cheered on their team. The cheerleaders and Charmers also had some great performances. The game was close, scoring back and forth a few times. In the end, though, Chaffin lost by just a few points. The morale was low for a while. Now, it is time to get the win that Chaffin deserves! This game will be the last one the 8th graders play for Chaffin. After this, they will be moving on to high school football. Make sure to be there to give them encouragement and support! Let’s end on a positive note this season, and go cougars!