How to be Successful in School

Taliyah Blount

Everyone needs advice/tips, so today I’m going to give you some tips for school. School is very important, but can get hard and overwhelming. Getting into a daily routine and using these habits often will definitely help you be successful in school, and some will overall help you have a successful life.


Healthy Habits

  1. Sleep. Sleeping and having a good sleeping schedule makes you feel better overall. You won’t be as groggy in class, and can get more things done.
  2.  Stay Organized. Staying organized is a big thing. If you’re really unorganized it can be much harder to get things done.
  3. Study. Studying can help you get ready and be prepared for tests and things like that, but you shouldn’t study just the night before something big because it’ll be harder to remember. You should start studying a few days before.
  4.  Set Goals and make schedules. Setting goals for yourself everyday can really help you know just have something to look forward to accomplishing everyday. Making a schedule can keep you on track and help you remember exactly what you need to do.
  5.  Use class time wisely. Fooling around in class isn’t good. You can’t learn or focus if you are playing around.
  6.  Focus on yourself and try to stay out of drama. I know drama is very tempting, but it really won’t help you in school. It can get stressful and it can be hard to focus in school.
  7.  Take notes. Taking notes can help you with studying and can also help you memorize things.
  8.  Get help and ask questions. You’re in school to learn, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or get the help that you need!
  9. Know how to contact your teachers. Knowing how to contact your teachers is really important especially with COVID-19 going around.

 Stay positive. School can be stressful and get really hard at times. All you have to do is see the positive things during negative times, and eventually things will get better.