The Year Flying By

McKenzie Scoggins

The end of the first quarter comes with a lot of things. We’re headed into the fall weather, some students have new classes, and are one quarter through the school year already! Which means we need to make sure our grades are the best we can be, and that we are prepared for anything. When you ponder how long we have been at Chaffin this year, we have actually been here for quite some time. To be exact, we have been in school for 70 days including weekends. Now that may not be a lot sounding but, that is almost 25% of our whole school year. This also makes sense because our first quarter just ended! Now, focusing on grades, you have probably seen the posters around the school with names of the students that have made all A’s this quarter. To the new students of Chaffin, they may not be aware that our staff and administration are very prideful in our successful students. To the point where they will give prizes to those who work hard enough to get good grades. For example, last year, all students who got a C or higher on their report cards at the end of each semester got candy and a soda. This is a great motivator for other students to strive to do their best. The year flying by is also a reminder that even though sometimes we don’t notice it, the year is going by fast. We need to make sure that we work hard, so at the end of the year, our hard work shows!