The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas


The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas by the author Mack, Tracy is about a group of young boys called Street Irregulars who work with Sherlock Holmes and Pilar, a gypsy girl to solve the case of the deaths of the Amazing Zalindas. The Street Irregulars work together and figure out clues about the case behind the Amazing Zalindas that happened recently in the Grand Barboza Circus. 

   In this story, the Street Irregulars are invited to the Grand Barboza Circus to assist Sherlock Holmes with this case and discover information that points towards the killer. Along the way, they meet Pilar, a fortune-teller’s daughter. Pilar works together with the Street Irregulars to figure out the information given by the people working at the circus. 

    I enjoyed the elements of this book. The plot was overall the most that interested me in reading this book. Although the plot wasn’t quite the best, the author was able to describe the events so that I can visualize what is currently happening. There are a few photos shown throughout the book and this gives me a better understanding of the current situation. At the back of the book, it shows the main characters of the Street Irregulars, along with Pilar, the gypsy girl who is a circus member that offered to help them solve the case of the Zalindas.

   The environment fits with the mysterious feel of the entire book and goes along with the plot as well. At the beginning of the book, the Zalindas are shown in the circus. They are tight ropers and perform in front of the audience. At this moment, a mysterious figure was shown behind a curtain. Mysteriously, the tightrope cut, and the tight ropers fell to their death. 

   Sherlock Holme was alerted of this murder case and was eager to solve the case. But he couldn’t do it alone. The Street Irregulars were called to help Sherlock Holmes with this case and grab as much information as possible about this, to solve the unexpected death of the Zalindas. 

   There is one thing that I disliked about this book. Although it was great and all, there are still a few things that I didn’t really hope to see. Most of the book included finding clues about the murder and asking questions to the circus workers. Although it is balanced, there were fewer action scenes in this book than I hoped. 

   There were also interesting slang words. One of the slang words that interested me while I was reading was, “I’ve clocked a plod, chase the sun!” This translated to, “I knocked over a policeman, run!” It sounds completely different from the original but it still gave off a feel about running away from something. The slang translations are present after the story ends. 

   Overall, I recommend you, as a reader of this book, to read The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas. There is a lot of manipulating and danger included in this book. If you like reading mystery books, this is the right book for you to read next on your reading journey.