One of Us is Lying: How good is it and should you read it?

Allyson Hayes

The book One of Us is Lying, by Karen M. McManus, is a story is about four of five students in a detention room that are all suspects of a murder that really caught my interest. The victim, Simon Kelleher, died by drinking water that had peanut oil in it which he is allergic to peanuts. The four suspects, Copper Clay, Addy Prentiss, Bronwyn Rojas, and Nate Macauley are accused of putting the peanut oil in Simon’s drink. What’s a bit interesting is that Simon supposedly planned this from the start and made the car accident happen to derail his murder. It’s never really stated if Simon killed himself or if someone else killed him. All we know is that he’s not coming back any time soon. One thing that makes a really good motive for the four suspects is that Simon had a news collum and he actually posted about all four students in detention, giving all of them a reason to kill him. It’s never really stated what the motive is either. Overall, I loved the book and think you should read it. There are two more books in this series called One of Us is Next and Two Can Keep a Secret. I recommend reading this book, One of Us is Lying just in case there are spoilers in the next book.