Boy Scouts of America Foundation

Scarlet Moon

Boy Scouts of America is not only for the boys of America but also for girls.  As a BSA member, I have realized all the things that we do to help the environment and the people in America.

Some Things We Do

To get to the next rank in scouts, you have to do certain tasks.  One of those things is community service.  Scouts all over America will go do community service in someplace like a soup kitchen, or even pick up trash on the side of the roads.  You can also volunteer on campouts with things like taking cub scouts on hikes or serving food in the kitchens.  

BSA also does many fund drives every year. A few of them are donating bags of clothes, cans, and different resources.  These items go all around America to help other people in need.

Other Benefits

Other than giving to different places, scouts also benefit.  If you are in scouts and you make it to Eagle Scout, the highest rank, you can earn scholarships for school, or can even get an offer for the military.  We also learn lots of life skills such as camping, first-aid, navigation, cooking in the outdoors, and how to be a good citizen.  I would definitely recommend joining scouts if you have the opportunity to because you can meet new people and help out your community.