2021 STUCO President- Ethan Dunn

Lexi Ortiz

     This year, 8th grade student council members got the chance to run for four different officer roles. These roles were president, vice president, secretary, and event/social media coordinator. Luckily only four people on the student council wanted to run for officers. This meant that there wasn’t much competition. Our student council officer runners were Isaiah Jackson, Kayla Depaz, Ethan Dunn. I gladly got the chance to interview Ethan Dunn who won student council president on November 12th, 2021. 

     I asked a few questions and he gladly answered. Ethan told me that he has been in student council two times. He had run for vice president in 5th grade and then that somehow carried onto 6th grade. He never planned on becoming president for the 8th grade student council; he was just hoping to become a student council officer with any role. I asked Ethan what opportunities the student council has opened up. He responded with, “It has definitely made me a much more responsible person and have the opportunity to overlook school.” Along with that he said that the student council has given him this motivation to improve upon school. Ethan didn’t really have any intentions of running for president. He did run for officer because he wasn’t doing much in school. He was only in football and track. Though track isn’t until later this school year. Track events Ethan Dunn is involved in are hurdles, shot put, discus, and sprints. In football Ethan plays running back and linebacker. Lastly, his goals for student council are to make the school a much better place. He wants to improve grades for students, attendance, and overall make the school a better place for students and staff. A place where we can have fun but also take care of grades. He said that he wants to continue making better spirit weeks. For spirit weeks he recommended other students being able to vote on a few spirit week days. 

Ethan Dunn has great plans for the school. Thanks for the interview, Ethan!