McKenzie Scoggins

   In Advisory, these past couple of weeks have been interesting and fun. Instead of doing the usual third period, the opportunity of doing fun activities was presented. Fun and exciting activities like decorating cookies, playing corn hole, line dancing, etc. What is really cool about this is that teachers come up with their enrichment, and it is very fun! Although, to participate in enrichment, one would have to not get drafted. Getting drafted means that whoever did get drafted can not participate in the fun enrichment is to make sure that students don’t have missing work and understand the concepts. Getting drafted is also a motivator for students, because one would rather have fun doing various activities rather than doing work for some subject. So, students will work harder in class, so that they do not get drafted. 

   What is great about enrichment is that everyone can have the opportunity to pick an enrichment that a particular student has an interest in, or an enrichment that they have talent in. For example, karaoke and guitar playing are also enrichments that would be great for someone who takes guitar lessons or sings. For example, lots of students that have taken line dancing say it is a cardio blast, and very fun! One thing about enrichment is that if one wants a particular enrichment that is very popular to students, they need to pick their enrichment fast. The first week, Icing on The Cake filled up so quickly, and for a good reason too. So keep that in mind when picking an enrichment.

   All in all, this is a good opportunity for the school to maybe learn something they haven’t before, get work done, and most of all have fun!