Goldeline Review

Annabelle Albertson

 Goldeline is a fantasy novel written by Jimmy Cajoleas. The book is described as having magical undercurrents, beautiful friendships, paranormal activities, etc. Goldeline, the orphaned daughter of a witch, lives out in the woods with a group of bandits. Gruff, the leader, has adopted her and raised her to help him rob people. This book would be a great option if you like mystery, or magical stories. You get a lot of one on one point of views with almost all of the characters. You’ll see what they are thinking, what they are doing, and how they see things that a regular person would not think of. The author has done a great job making it seem and or feel like you are in the story. Some interesting facts about a few of the characters for example is that Goldeline has long white curly hair, and her mother knows magic. Goldelines mother only taught her a little bit which is why when reading the story you will see how she develops, and learns more of her magic.