Movie Review: Coraline

Leo Guevara

Coraline is a dark fantasy movie  originally written by British author, Neil Gaiman.  Directed by Henry Selick, and released on February 5th, 2009,  the film won  won Annie Awards for Best Music in an Animated Feature Production, Best Character Design in an Animated Feature Production and Best Production Design in an Animated Feature Production, and received nominations for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature.

Coraline is set in the Pink Palace, which is a real place located in Ashland, Oregon. The house is about 150 years old, making it built around 1871. 

This film tells a story about a young girl named Coraline Jones who moves to a house called the Pink Palace located in Oregon. Coraline meets a boy around her age named Wyborne Lovat and Wybie tells her about her house. Coraline heads home and her mother, Mel Jones, informs her about a package delivered by Wybie Lovat. Inside is an exact replica of herself as a doll. Coraline and her doll continue to explore as they come across a mini door. She calls her mother and begs her to open the door. Mel finds the key and opens, but it’s only a brick wall behind the door. Coraline does more exploring and later on eats a gross dinner with her parents. She later falls asleep but quickly wakes up to a mouse leading her to the mini door. She goes through the door and finds an alternate universe. She comes across an exact copy of her mother, but with buttons for eyes. This life seems perfect, but there’s something wrong..

If you enjoy dark, spooky, and mystery stories, this movie is for you!