As the God’s Will

If you are interested in watching a new horror movie then I recommend you watch “As the God’s Will”.  An alternative name for it is Kamisama no Iuutori, which is also a manga. It’s a Japanese horror and sci-fi movie about high school students forced to play games in order to survive. The winner(s) get to survive while the penalty for the losers is death. 

As the God’s Will was released on November 15, 2014, in Japan. The movie is about Shun Takahata, our protagonist, a normal high schooler. When all of a sudden, his teacher’s head explodes and a daruma doll comes out. This is the start of the death games and Shun Takahata has no other choice but to continue winning these games to survive.

This movie includes a quick-thinking protagonist and a twisted protagonist that thinks they are the chosen ones by god to get out alive. This depends on luck and if you’re lucky enough, you will be able to survive to the end. Although it’s similar to Squid Game, the script for the drama was created five years before As the God’s Will so they are no copying from either party. 

In my opinion, this is one of the best movies that I have ever watched. I watched it before Squid Game was released and the effects of the movie are great. I love how they replaced blood with red marbles at the beginning and how the dolls and props were designed for each game. There’s a lot of running in this movie but I’m sure that you like it and read the manga as well.