Woody The Talking Christmas Tree

McKenzie Scoggins

The holiday season is coming around, and everyone is excited to put up their stockings, outdoor lights, and most of all,their Christmas trees. What is peculiar about this Christmas tree in particular is its human-like features!

Woody, the talking Christmas tree resides within a mall in Dartmouth, a city in Nova Scotia, Canada. Some are enthused by this 56 ft. tree with a face on it, and some are not so delighted. Almost everyone knows about Woody! The tree also has his own twitter account, which he describes himself as a “chatty coniferous with a penchant for small talk in malls.”

Though this is not the first time Woody has been spotted at this mall. Fifteen years ago was the last time Woody was seen at the Mic Mac Mall. Others have commented that this is because of the change in management, that he is back at the mall. Luckily, he got a makeover before his reappearance. “Mic Mac Mall itself has said, “The iconic tree captured the imaginations of everyone for generations, and his departure fifteen years ago left a tree-sized hole in the hearts of many.”

This talking Christmas tree is inspiring others to make kid-sketches, embroidery, and even ornaments to put on their tree. Woody has entertained many people, and possibly given them nightmares as well.