Cheer and Drill Tryouts

McKenzie Scoggins

  As many things come along with the new year, so does the tryout season for the Cheer and Drill Team! Of course, this tryout is for sixth and seventh graders for the following year. Many people do not really understand the work ethic that goes into trying out and making one of these coveted positions.

   First off, being in one of these spirit squads requires you to also be diligent in your work ethic at school as well. You get two to three demerits – a mark given against someone for a fault or offense – for every D or F you have on your transcript. There is also a constitution of rules that you must follow to stay on the team, and or go without demerits. This includes notifying your instructor before missing a practice, wearing the right uniform, not having any nail polish, or jewelry on during practice or game days, etc. Three demerits, you are benched from performing at a game, and if you get 12 demerits in one semester, you are kicked off the team. That is only a small contender of the rules cheer and drill have to follow. 

   The very long and hard part is the actual tryouts. Students have to attend a mandatory tryout meeting on January 25th at 6:00 p.m., if they are wanting to try out. Practices are held all of tryout week to learn what they need to. For dance, it will be a team dance consisting of jazz, pom, hip hop, and at the end kick. For cheer, they learn cheers, tumbling, and dance choreography. The most important thing candidates need to remember is to not psych themselves out and be confident in everything they do. 

   Many people see cheer-leading and drill teams as people on the side of the court or field, but it is truly about performing, representing our school, and cheering the cougars on! Sign up and RSVP for the tryout meeting by scanning the QR code on this digital image, or by clicking the link on the Chaffin Cheer and or Chaffin Charmers Instagram page bio. A parent must attend the meeting with you! Only then can whomever attend the meeting. Tryouts will be the first week of March, so be ready! Remember, you get what you work for, not what you wish for.