Welcoming A New Chaffin Cougar -Ms. Parker


Lexi Ortiz

Recently, Chaffin Middle School has lost a face and welcomed a new one. After Christmas Break, Ms. Sydney Parker got the amazing chance to join Chaffin Middle School. I got the opportunity to interview her and her is what I got the chance to find out about her:

Ms. Parker teaches math to 6th grade students and is often in the SDC room. She told me that the reason why she wanted to teach math was because it has always been her favorite subject in school. Students seem to dislike math and think it’s hard but she is excited to be able to change a student’s mindset when it comes to math. Her favorite subject was math because it has a lot of challenges and she enjoys getting to challenge herself. Not only that but each math problem can be solved in many different ways. I asked her how her class was different and she told me that the math she has been recently teaching in class is based on more foundational skills for students. She plans on helping her students understand more complex concepts after they have worked on foundational skills. So far, her favorite experience has been being able to choose enrichment activities. The way that the boot camps and interventions are for the students really satisfy her as well. 

     Ms.Parker went to school at UAFS so she could still be close to home. She is still currently going to school to finish her master’s degree and will graduate next December. She has really enjoyed her time at UAFS because she has gotten the opportunity to meet various people from different places. College was very challenging for her in her junior year because it was virtual but she didn’t give up and made her degree worth it even more. Her favorite part about college was getting to live on campus and participate in many of the activities that they have. She also likes the organizations that she can get involved in at UAFS. 

     While Ms.Parker isn’t teaching she is enjoying her free time shopping and playing co-ed softball. She has been playing co-ed softball for about 2 years now and has enjoyed it very much. She also likes to get the chance to go to the lake, read, binge watch Netflix, and spend time with family and friends. Speaking about family and friends, Ms.Parker has three fur buddies named Bruno – a six year old german shepherd, and two cats. One cat is named Sophie and the other cat is named Rocky. She grew up as an only child. Her mom also happens to teach at Cavanaugh and her dad is a police officer. 

     Something that Ms.Parker is looking forward to this year is getting to know her co-workers and students better. She wanted to say, “I’m excited to be at Chaffin and getting to work and learn with everyone.” We are all very glad to welcome a new cougar to Chaffin!