Students and the Russian Invasion

March Article


Hundreds of teenagers have visited The Learning Networks ongoing ‘Current Events Conversation’ to express themselves about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. The New York Times article states, “The Learning Networks ongoing Current Events Conversation feature in which we invite students to react to the news via our daily writing prompts and publish a selection of their comments each week.” On February 27, they invited teenagers around the world to share what they have felt, discussed and wondered about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and since then hundreds have answered/commented. One student commented, “If you asked me in 2019 if I thought that I would live to see a worldwide pandemic and potentially World War III, I would have thought you were crazy. I am currently a student taking AP US History where we are learning about all the conflicts and wars that have led up to the present day. I never would have guessed that I would be watching one of these wars for the history books unfold through the screen of my iPhone XR.” and another commented, “I am Ukrainian…I have seen many pictures/videos of the war-front and life in Ukraine. I have seen kindergartens blown to dust, entire bridges collapsing, and Russian helicopters flying in and dropping their bombs on airports and homes. Children sitting in the dark, damp basements of homes, desperately trying to find a distraction from the events in their life that they unfortunately have to experience. These have all pained my family and me.” Multiple have commented on how ashamed they have felt for ignoring this in the beginning, and others have said how pained they feel for what is going on. No one knows how the Russian Invasion will unfurl into, either world war III or just a passing battle, but, nonetheless it is good to comment personal thoughts and/or feeling.

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