Women’s History Month

Lexi Ortiz

Women’s history month starts on March 1st until March 31st. This celebration goes all the way back to March 8th, 1987. The celebration started at a day, then a week, and is now a month long. This all began in New York City because of the differences in payments. Women noticed that they were getting paid less and they wanted to be equal with men. Women’s history month does have a theme every year. This year’s theme (2022) happens to be Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope. Last year’s theme (2021) was Refusing to the silenced. As you can see, these themes have a very big significance. Last year’s theme was very important because it was expressing how women have changed. Women used to have to sit still, be silent, and let their husbands take control. This has all changed now. This year’s theme is important because women are well known for their big hearts, having sympathy, and being strong. This year’s theme was specifically meant for women health care workers and recognition to women who have helped during the crazy pandemic. Not only is there a month theme there is a day theme as well. March 8th marks the date for International Women’s Day. The theme in 2022 is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.’’ This theme really speaks out to women because this is representing women and girls around the world who have/are putting an effort into climate change. An example of this could be Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg is an amazing example because her name is very well known at a young age around the world. A way that you can celebrate for Women’s history month is by simply being a support to women. You can be a support by watching movies that were directed by women, learn about women’s rights, support a women’s organization, and watch ted talks of women. Women have been able to set great examples for the whole entire world. Women have been able to empower young females as well.