Burnout- Exhaustion In the Body and Mind

How to prevent workplace burnout on your team | Range

Many people feel mentally and physically exhausted but don’t understand why or how. This might be a sign of burnout. Most people like to think that burnout can only happen in adults or college students. That statement is false. Anyone at any age can experience burnout but it is most commonly found in middle school students to adults. Burnout is when someone is under a lot of pressure and stress. Most people who are known to experience burnout at people at the ages of 32. In an adult it is usually caused by working long hours, doing too many tasks, or having too much responsibility. Most people who do experience burnout experience it at school, work, even at home. This is usually caused by simply not letting yourself get a break or time to socialize with others you really love. You know when you’re experiencing burnout when you start to feel chest pain, headaches, anxiety, worry, or sleeping problems. Luckily, anyone can stop having burnout by exercising, meditating, journaling, daily affirmations, relaxing, and not overworking themselves. You can simply go on vacation as well. When people are relaxing from burnout, they are to take time to themselves.