Sorry 4 the Wait

and Hunter White

On January 14th, Lil Wayne re-released his acclaimed mixtape, Titled “Sorry 4 the Wait”. This mixtape had been rumored to be rereleased on to streaming services around the same time, so fans already anticipated this arrival. With multiple new tracks featuring newer artists such as Lil Tecca, the Weezy we get on this tape is a refreshing taste even if not all truly fresh. Another artist we see featured from an older time is none other than Lil B.

Lil B is an artist who we have seen collaborate on only this track, however this is an extremely well rounded song we see these 2 on. This song is titled Grove street party. With Lil Wayne’s extremely clever lines and Lil B sense of humor this song is nothing but enjoyable. Lil B is one of the most respected artist of all time, combining this with Lil Wayne you get nothing but an extremely interesting song.