Cheer & Drill Tryouts Results


McKenzie Scoggins

As you know, cheer and Charmers tryouts occurred during the week of March 1st through March 4th. Everybody worked day and night to perfect their tryout dance, chants, tumbling, etc. Now that the tryouts have concluded, I am excited to tell you that we have the 2022-2023 Chaffin Cheerleaders and Charmers! One of this years 8th grade Charmers, Alee Thongprachanh says, “I am going to miss Charmers, and my teammates. Although, I am excited to see how next year’s Charmers grow as a team and dancers!”. Many things are in the works with these new teams. Officer tryouts were also held the same week of tryouts, so the new officers of the teams were also announced as well.

The spirit squads of this school year will always leave a legacy behind. But, with the new year, comes a new legacy to uphold.  The new teams were announced a few hours after the tryouts ended. The new cheer team includes: Mackenzie Kincannon, Lily Cox, Alik Arzoumanian, Grace Mills, Logan Cross, Olivia Hindley, Maggie Jones, Grace Harpenau, Quincy Mortensen, Braylee Byford, Rebekah Voris, Leighton Cross, Bre Gutierrez, Gianna LaTorre, Emily Butler, Caroline Selby, and Bella LaTorre. The Charmers team includes: Lynzee Dominguez, Valeria Gonzalez, Sophie Monchamp, Lilly Hood, Lilly Remy, Marlee Donoho, Adea Jetullahu, Natali Espinosa, Piper Ligget, Hannah Smitherman, Hallie Post, Claire Mann, Janiah Johnson, Tenley Mortensen, and Kaylin Underwood. 

   The after-party that was held after tryouts ended was a blast! After the email with the tryout list was sent out, new members and the 8th grade going to high school next year came back to Chaffin for the after-party. The new members all introduced themselves to each other, they performed their tryout dance, and the 8th grade taught the new members the spirit squad chant that we do when we win a game. The new teams are so excited to start practicing this year, and the 8th graders are preparing for their tryouts for high school that are occurring in the next few weeks.