Mental Health Days off in School

     School kids deserve a day off for mental health issues. Most kids feel conflicted with anxiety, worry, or sometimes even depression.   70% of kids think that they should get a day off from school to relax from the pressure of school. Ben Ballman states that “I barely even gave it my 100%. I was bare minimum and I was STILL having trouble.”  “It’s like being cooked in a pressure cooker. The pressure builds up, then you get fried”.  I can relate to this. I am extremely anxious about public speaking or presentations. I stress way too much in school and think that this opinion is right. Most kids I asked also had the same opinion: they all feel stressed. In the last two years, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Virginia have passed bills allowing children to take mental or behavioral days off.  More states are heavily considering joining in on the idea that kids should get a day off. Some kids are bad at behaving; a day off will help them recover for the stressful days at school.  I believe that kids at school should get a day off for mental or behavioral issues because most kids feel way too stressed heading into school.