Britney Spears Pregnancy

Lexi Ortiz

Recently, Britney Spears has announced that she is pregnant. This is big news because Britney has been controlled by her parents for so long. This is just the beginning of her showing the world that she has been able to gain some sort of her freedom back without her parents being on her all of the time.

Britney Spears is having Sam Ashari’s baby. Her and Sam have been since 2016. Six years later, she is having his baby. Britney and Sam met when she was shooting a music video. Sam was listed as one of the casts for her music videos and he immediately caught her attention. Sam says that he didn’t even have to audition because that was her final choice. A few months later, Sam and her went on a sushi date. Spears claims that she has wanted a baby for so long but due to her conservator ship she had never gotten the chance to.  This is such an eye opening feeling because she is finally getting her chance to show the world that she is able to achieve things on her own. Britney announced her pregnancy on April 11th so that means that the baby will be due sometime around January. Britney is excited about this baby and many others are as well.