Roe v. Wade

Hunter Gourdon

 Recently, the Supreme Court has been having a serious discussion which has caused outlash in the Nation. Roe v. Wade, a case from the ’70s which gave abortion rights through 23 weeks. Now, the Supreme Court is currently talking about overturning it. If they overturn it, then there could be more incidents like what happened in Texas, where a mother was charged with murder after she got an abortion. Sites like Politico have written about the topic, with Politico leaking the alleged decision. There have been protests with slogans like ‘Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Samuel Allto’s gotta go’ and ‘We will not go back. Abortion Rights are under attack, we do what we do, stand up and fight back.’ This decision could affect upcoming mid-term elections and the stability of the nation. Oral arguments on the case began on December 1st, according to CNN. A reversal of this would more than likely cause bans and/or extreme limits in Republican-led states, as the Democratic-led states would allow the procedure to happen.